CCTV Camera Inspections

Our CCTV Camera Inspections Keep Your Pipes in Check!

Technician Inserting CCTV Camera into Pipe, Monitoring on Screen
Preventative Maintenance proves beneficial time and time again in saving money for our clients. CCTV camera inspections are step 1 in preventative maintenance and are a great way to inspect your lines and drains to check for blockages, grease or any other issues that may be present. When there is an issue with a recurring clogged drain, there can be an underlying issue, only visible by the drain camera. Before you spend money snaking a line again and again, have it inspected to see if there is something that needs to be fixed.

GritWorx provides video USB drives with all video inspections so our clients can see how clean or how dirty each line is.

Using a color push camera with a self-levelling head, the team at Gritworx Inc. can visually travel through your properties pipes to find weak points and the signs of sewer system issues. The camera can also provide peace of mind that there are not any issues when moving into a newly built house. Home builders call Gritworx Inc. to ensure that the sewer is clear of construction debris and is not damaged. The sewer camera is an important tool when purchasing an older home to ensure that sewer issues are not present.

Video inspections also assist us in determining where the sewer lines are located and their depth. Buried cleanouts can also be found. We can provide a USB or Digital Copy of your sewer inspection.

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